Hybrid 3.0 & Remote Working

With the Pandemic, the misconceptions about teams not being productive if resources are remote working have now been cleared. Looks like productivity is same or much higher for teams working remotely.

Hence Remote working has now become the new norm for companies across the world.

The Hybrid Work model or The Dynamic Work model as its called is been adapted by small and large corporations very quickly.

Besides, instead of scouting for local pool of resources, the the whole pool of Global Talented work force is now open and available for enterprises. Many enterprises see that as a positive change.

As More and more teams adopt Hybrid Work Model, the quality of work, the deliverables and team dynamics would take precedence over the place of work.

Teams might still get together for reasons other than just the regular work, which can now be completed by the team from anywhere in the world.

Lets welcome the change. Let’s go Hybrid!!